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Rayanat Al Oud For General Trading Co.

Rayanat Company is an Iraqi commercial business company , it was  established  with a capital of  ( 10,000,000,000  ) Iraqi Dinar in 1997.

The company has many HQs , offices, workshops , warehouses. The main HQ is in Baghdad with it’s workshop and warehouse , the others are in Mousil , Hilla and Basra .. It reached to it’s successes by it’s long experience, perfect management with it’s professional staff and with wide capabilities. It has achieved several official and private contracts of business by supplying heavy equipment’s, materials and solar power products , communications& security systems.

Rayanat Co. Policy

Our mission is focusing on the best performance in our projects which serve the society and it’s newly arising needs to the technological development, So we will employ all our capabilities and experiences to respond effectively to the new technical world in order to carry out tasks to rebuild and maintain the infrastructure of the country , and in few words Rayanat Co. means: High quality , Credibility , Speed , Flexibility and Competitive prices.

Rayanat Co. concerns.

The company concerned with supplying and installation of electric plants , solar systems , chemical oil treatments ,supplying of various kinds of vehicles and cars , special heavy equipment’s and systems, communication and security electronic systems, Broadcasting systems in addition to the field of building projects.

Rayanat Experience.

Rayanat Co. has a considerable and long experience in all fields of contracts by it’s experienced staff and wide capabilities.

So it actually showed a proved achievements to supply and install many successful projects inside Iraq and abroad.

Those experiences include bidding, planning, engineering and negotiating about various fields of projects.


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